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Using only top quality ingredients, Martin and his staff ensure that all of their products are of the highest possible standard. The traditional sponge and dough process is still employed at Just Baked, which means that you can still buy freshly baked bread and cakes that taste the same as those that your grandmother would have enjoyed all those years ago.

But times have changed and Just Baked has also adapted to the growing needs of their customers and introduced a new range of flavoured breads to compliment the traditional style. You can now get your loaf in all sorts of continental flavours including Tomato and Garlic, mixed peppers, basil, onion and even
olive flavour.

The bakery shop has more to offer than you would expect and even make up a fine selection of freshly filled rolls and sandwiches to take away.

There are always plenty of helpful cheery people behind the counter waiting to serve you, so there is no reason not to call in to Just Baked and sample some of these traditional and continental tastes for yourself.