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Aberdare and District Chamber of Trade & Commerce was initially brought into being over one hundred years ago and except for a brief period during the War has met and discussed problems in the Town and surrounding district and tried to find solutions, while, at the same time, making that interaction a bit of fun. Obviously in this press button age much of that interaction now takes place on line but the aims are still enshrined in current working practise and we have not lost sight of the fun element. .

We would refer interested bodies and organizations to Hanes, Cynon Valley History Society for an excellent detailed account of the early history and detailed account of the organization and area.

Our current aims are exactly those of our Founding Fathers and we currently address current problems on behalf of the Town Centre setting solutions and questions against the wider National financial landscape.

As you will know the car parking charges and Welsh Planning Policy which currently allows supermarkets to proliferate almost at will are ongoing campaigns, but we regularly make representation to the Local Authority on behalf of individual traders when they have problems which require a slightly louder voice.

Wayne Holder (left) out going President, passing the
reins to Bourke Le Carpentier in February 2005.
The aims of the chamber.

To work with other organisations and authorities to ensure that the Town Centre remains a vibrant retail scenario by the following means.

To chart the retail mix in order to ensure that it attracts maximum customer footfall.

To increase the parking space, which includes re-accessing the Ynys Car Park which has been effectively removed from full use by the building of the overhead bridge.

To work towards a reduction in the business rate to reflect the amount of damage done by re-locating large chunks of business outside the Town Centre.

To work towards giving the Town an updated identity which has been discussed at Town Centre Forum meetings with RCT County Council.

To continue to attend Town Centre Forum meetings and the annual budget setting exercise in order to ensure that we get value for money.

To continue to press for a better and regular cleansing programme for the Town including maintenance of the seating etc plus more civic enhancements.

To continue to take affiliated membership of Cardiff Chamber of Commerce in order to ensure that our voice is amplified over retail issues of National importance.

To continue to liaise with The Federation of Small Businesses in order to take advantage of the background work they have already done in lobbying for small retailers.

To ensure that new ideas fed in from membership are thoroughly discussed within the Executive meetings.

To continue to monitor the press and inform Christine Chapman AM and her researcher Matthew Collins regarding trends with Out-of-Town Superstores and the effects on businesses.

To continue to expand the remit of Wales Action For Sensible Planning through which we make representations to WAG on Planning Policy Guidance for retailing.

To attend joint meetings with Chambers of Trade in RCT and exchange ideas on best practice and progress.

To liaise with other Chambers of Trade in other Welsh Valley areas over Town Centre patterns.
Glyn Vaughan 1947
former President of
the chamber
John Giles 1955
former President of
the chamber
Two photographs of chamber members from the 1960s
Members from the 1910s
Monochrome photographs courtesy of
Aberdare Library photo archive.
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